Digital transformation

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Help clients with digital transformation

Cloud e-commerce platform + Easy management

No complicated development needed

Build your brand through self-defined domains and online stores

More than one hundred themes are there for you. Pick up whichever one you want

Build a personalized e-commerce platform for you


Easy operation

This e-commerce platform belongs to you and is as easy to use as picking up stuff at supermarkets.

You can set up easily an e-commerce platform running business through our cloud e-commerce softwares.

  • Fully customizing your online store
  • Quickly adding new sales channel
  • Managing unlimited products and stock
  • Completing order with just one step
  • Tracking sales and growth trend

System optimization of e-commerce platform

Make an e-commerce platform suiting your needs

The optimization of e-commerce store, seller center and operation center makes you deal with products and orders more easily.

Block users on the blacklist and safe guard your platform.

Whether customizing themes, group buy, auction or pre-sale, it's at your choice.

Safety monitoring system - Risks in your control

Help you fully prepared for the coming of potential risks

Multi-graphical reports keep you informed of risk trends

Online learning supported

Help with enterprise's digital transformation

Uniceu helps you make first step towards digital era and helps you get the benefits of it!